Booking a Budapest Airport Taxi

Fotaxi is the official Budapest airport taxi company that transfers tourists and locals to their destination. It has been operating and partnering with the Budapest airport for many years. This …

Pub Crawl Budapest

Pub crawling is also known as bar touring or bar crawling. This act involves getting multiple drinks in bars or pubs in one night. What is the benefit of pub …

Budapest Opera

The Budapest Opera is located in the city district of Pest. The building counts to one of the most peachiest ones of Neorenaissance architecture.

Budapest Vacation

There are people who call Budapest the “Quenn of the Danube”. Well, this could be true indeed. Budapest is a magnificent city with a long and interesting history.

Budapest Shopping

Budapest was a very important shopping place 100 years ago. But when the communists took the power after world war II, the shopping enjoyment decreased.