Booking a Budapest Airport Taxi

Fotaxi is the official Budapest airport taxi company that transfers tourists and locals to their destination. It has been operating and partnering with the Budapest airport for many years. This Budapest airport taxi has several hundred cars, with experienced and trained drivers. The drivers make sure they will bring their passengers safely to their destinations.

The taxi drivers are well versed in one foreign language aside from their local language. All cars have a POS terminal, so you can also pay via a credit card. You make a reservation in person at the Fotaxi stations situated at the Terminal 2A exits and 2B. You can also get taxis at the taxi rank located at the stands.

How to Book a Taxi Transfer Online?

Once you arrive at Budapest airport and you have your luggage, don’t talk to any random taxi driver that you see outside. It is best to pre-book your transfer from the airport to the city center to have a hassle-free travel to your hotel or business meeting.

An unofficial airport taxi may ask you a higher fee as compared to the official taxi company. You can book airport taxi pick-up services online and in advance. Don’t worry if there are some changes to your flight as the taxi company tracks your flight. You are assured that there will be a driver waiting for your arrivals. The driver will meet you at the taxi bay, take your luggage and guide you to the vehicle booked for your transfer.

Budapest Airport Taxi

The official airport taxi has a fleet of vehicles and is being driven by professional drivers. You are assured of having a smooth transfer from the airport to the city center or hotels.

Once you hand over the voucher receipt, you can relax while the driver will look for the best route, to transfer you to your specified destination. For those who are traveling in a group and need to stop on different points, you can indicate them on your route.

If needed, wheelchairs, seats for babies, and bigger vehicles are available. You can specify these needs after you have chosen your destination and the type of airport transfer you require.

Getting a Taxi at the Terminal

Getting a taxi after you landed from the airport may not be that easy. Going to and from the airport using a taxi is the most expensive way of transfer, but it is the most convenient and fast. The cost may range from $25 to $35 on average.